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viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

McDonalds-  Every time a good time.

This video was an ad from McDonalds. It was about an old man who did not have a good relationship with his wife. As a result, he decided to go fishing to a lake. When he prepared the food (a McDonald’s combo) that he was going to eat by the lake, suddenly a Lago Ness monster appeared and ate it. The ad ended when he was with his wife in the lake shore and gave her a McDonald’s combo.

The ad employed humor as its main technique since by the man´s action you could realize that he did not want to be with his wife anymore.  He thought that was a clever solution.

The message of this ad was “Every time a good time”: due to McDonalds, the old man could solve his problem, i.e. his wife. When he discovered that the Lago Ness monster loved McDonalds ‘food, he could achieved his goal.

The ad was for adults. Through the ad they wanted to show that Mc Donald’s could make you spend a good time every time you have a “quarter pounder”. The man found the solution of his Karma by taking advantage of an unexpected and pleasant situation.

When I watched the video I felt that the man was a harmless old man who had problems like everyone else. However, he planned a trunk against his wife, which demonstrated that he wanted to take revenge for his miserable life.  

CRAVE- Coca-Cola ad.

This advertisement belonged to Coca-cola. It was an ad that wanted to sell the product in a creative way. The man, who appeared in the ad, faced a problem: it was a stifling hot day and he felt nothing but thirst. Immediately, he was eager to drink a Coke-cola bottle. As a result he decided to go out and find it. While he was finding some grocery to buy one, he saw shapes of Coca-cola bottles everywhere or the sound of a just opened Coke-cola and the sound it makes when someone it pours it down.

The message of this ad was 'Open happiness’, relating the instant happiness to drinking a Coca- cola, which can be achieved only with a few coins. Once the man found the grocery and opened the Coke bottle, his problem was solved.

I found the ad thrilling because I wanted to know what would happen with that man who connected the things he saw on the streets with Coca-cola bottles. Firstly, I did not understand the ad, but when I watched it again, I could comprehend that it showed an inner desire from the man. Coca-cola could show us that if you drunk it, you would find happiness and an ideal solution for your immediate problems.

This ad was for young people since the main character was a young man. In fact, as I am youngster I find it appeling to drink a  Coca- cola  in a boiling day. 

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